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The PKU GOLIKE difference: an innovative, plant-based coating for free AAs

PKU GOLIKE's AAs are coated with 2 GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA) ingredients
(sodium alginate and ethyl cellulose), turning them into prolonged-release granules. This process, powered by Physiomimic Technology™, helps the granules mimic the absorption rate of natural
proteins, while masking the taste and aftertaste
of free AAs.1,2

A Look at Physiomimic Technology™
A look at Physiomimic Technology™
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In the lab:
Free AAs are coated with 2 plant-based ingredients1

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In the body:
The coating acts as a barrier, helping to ensure prolonged release and physiological absorption in the patient's intestines1

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How can specially coated
AAs help patients?

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References: 1. Giarratana N, Gallina G, Panzeri V, et al. A new Phe-free protein substitute engineered to allow a physiological absorption of free amino acids for phenylketonuria. JIEMS. 2018;6:1-9. 2. Food Additive Status List. August 25, 2022. Accessed September 14, 2022.