Benefits of PKU GOLIKE

A step forward in medical foods

PKU GOLIKE contains prolonged-release AAs that are absorbed at rates closer to that of natural protein.1

Many people with PKU struggle with their diet and medical foods

That’s where PKU GOLIKE may be able to help
plate iconNo flavor of its own
No flavor of its own

The AAs in PKU GOLIKE are coated with 2 GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA), plant-based ingredients to mask the taste of free AAs and won’t leave an aftertaste or cause bad breath.1

reduce iconMay reduce GI symptoms
May reduce GI symptoms

Unlike free AAs, PKU GOLIKE does not need to be consumed with large volumes of liquid and has not been shown to cause GI dysfunction.1,2

  • In an observational study of PKU GOLIKE, fewer patients with PKU reported burping, flatulence, and regurgitation compared to their previous medical food2*
PKU GOLIKE bars iconA convenient way for patients with PKU to get prolonged-release amino acids on the go
A convenient way for patients with PKU to get prolonged-release amino acids on the go

PKU GOLIKE medical food bars are prepackaged, made with real fruit, and slip easily into backpacks, purses, and lunchboxes. And since they look like energy bars, patients with PKU can eat them discreetly in public.

*As shown in a 7-day prospective, observational study of children aged 3-16 with PKU (N=7). A majority (5 of 7) recorded lower Phe levels and fewer GI symptoms (4 of 7). No cases of mild, moderate, or severe diarrhea, constipation, bloating/distention, nausea, or vomiting were reported.

For more information, download An Observational Study Evaluating the Introduction of a Prolonged-Release Protein Substitute to the Dietary Management of Children With Phenylketonuria

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Designed to be absorbed more like natural protein

PKU GOLIKE enables a more physiological absorption of AAs, that may help patients achieve better metabolic control.1,2

More gradual dissolution profile of PKU GOLIKE vs free amino acids in vitro1
Unlike free AAs, which fully dissolve within 30 minutes, PKU GOLIKE was still being release >7 hours

Unlike free AAs, which fully dissolve within 30 minutes, PKU GOLIKE was still being released after >7 hours.1,3

For more information, download A New Phe-free Protein Substitute Engineered to Allow a Physiological Absorption of Free Amino Acids for Phenylketonuria

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Higher EAA plasma concentrations at 7 hours4
7 hours icon

PKU GOLIKE’s more physiological absorption rate may help maintain plasma EAA concentrations for longer.4

In one study, healthy volunteers had significantly higher concentrations of EAAs at 7 hours vs those who took free AAs (P<0.01).4

  • Maintaining higher plasma EAA concentrations may help reduce catabolic episodes, where muscle breaks down, thus keeping Phe levels under control throughout the day and supporting neurological function1,2,5

For more information, download In Vivo Metabolic Responses to Different Formulations of Amino Acid Mixtures for the Treatment of Phenylketonuria (PKU)

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Effect on metabolic markers

PKU GOLIKE decreases the breakdown of AAs to urea4
PKU GOLIKE decreased the BUN (P<0.0001) and urine urea (P=0.0074) profiles vs free AAs in healthy volunteers

PKU GOLIKE decreased the BUN (blood urea nitrogen) (P<0.0001) and urine urea
(P=0.0074) profiles vs free AAs in healthy volunteers.4

Lower BUN levels indicate more efficient utilization of AAs4

For more information, download Amino Acid Plasma Profiles From a Prolonged-Release Protein Substitute for Phenylketonuria: A Randomized, Single-Dose, Four-Way Crossover Trial in Healthy Volunteers

Download study
For additional data

Download Nitrogen Balance after the Administration of a Prolonged-Release Protein Substitute for Phenylketonuria as a Single Dose in Healthy Volunteers

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PKU GOLIKE packets contain 0 Phe6,7

Less Phe in your patients’ medical food may give them more flexibility with their diet.

PKU GOLIKE packets6,7

0 mg Phe

per serving

Leading GMP medical food8

15–30 mg Phe

per serving

Daily Phe savings may be equivalent to a serving of potato* (45 to 90 mg of Phe)

Assuming 3x servings of medical food a day.

*1/2 cup of potato (~65 mg of Phe).

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