Taking PKU golike

Tips for making the most of PKU GOLIKE

PKU GOLIKE can be mixed with a wide assortment of foods that your patients already enjoy. But to help them have the best experience, here are 5 tips to share:

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Try foods with texture1,2

The granules, by design, aren’t supposed to dissolve. Mix with soft creamy foods, such as thick smoothies, applesauce, or pasta sauce (room temperature or cooler).

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Start slow

Acclimate to the texture of the granules by initially mixing a third of a packet into their foods and working up to a full packet over a couple of weeks.

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Avoid heat1,2*

Avoid cooking granules and only mix them in meals that are room temperature or cooler.

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Eat normally, but promptly1,2

Don’t chew the granules. But they should be consumed right after mixing to preserve their integrity.

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Use within 24 hours1,2

Opened packets should be stored in an airtight container and it can be used to prepare more than one meal within 24 hours.

*Keep below 77°F and avoid moisture, direct light, and heat.1,2

*Keep below 77°F and avoid moisture, direct light and heat.1,2

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